Welcome to Dynamic Souls and the Squad Blog!

We’re a leading Columbus gym offering unique workouts designed to make you sweat with a smile. With a combination of strength and cardio stations, our HIIT-based circuit workouts focus on strength, speed and endurance to push you to achieve your goals (and gains) and then discover new ones.

What exactly is the workout? While we give you a new workout every day, there’s a few things you can always count on. We start with a warmup to loosen up tight muscles and get your heartrate pumpin’. Then we move to the circuit of 10 stations. Some stations are always the same—such as TRX, kettlebells and abs—and others switch from workout to workout. Once you’ve gone through the circuit, your trainer will move to the cool down, which incorporates stretches that maximize recovery.

Our classes are always group classes, because we believe in the power of community…or as we say here at Dynamic Souls, a Soul Squad. We think there’s something special about working out with others: more motivation, more energy, more joy. That’s why we began offering free community classes every Saturday at 11 a.m. and programming special workshops, outdoor workouts and partnerships with local businesses. #Squadgoals!

But our commitment to your fitness doesn’t stop after your hour workout is done. To us, fitness isn’t just the sweat on your forehead or the calories on your watch. Fitness is health and wellness for your mind, body and soul. That’s where the Squad Blog comes in. We created this blog to bring you even more health and fitness fun!

Here, we’ll tackle everything from the benefits of group workouts to the best recovery foods to positive affirmations and so, so much more. This will be the place for tips, tricks and knowledge nuggets. We’ve got some good content in store, but feel free to shoot us a message for anything you want to make an appearance. This is for YOU. Your fitness. Your recovery. Your mindset.

Let’s get to it, Soul Squad!