The Anti-Hibernation Post


We’ve done the Benefits of Kettlebells. We’ve done the Benefits of Strength Training. But what about the benefits of…just…moving?

It might seem a little obvious to say it’s healthy to move regularly—and perhaps some of us gym-junkies need to be told to move a little less—but it’s a point that felt important to reiterate in a time when so many of us are working from home. Combine that with suffering through the cold of wintertime and you’ve got what seems to be a pretty good case for skipping that workout and staying indoors.

But instead, here’s some motivation for getting up and getting moving:


You’ll Feel Better

…and not just in 30 years; you’ll feel better right after you’re done.

Research shows exercise’s impact on your brain health kicks in pretty much as soon as you finish the workout. These immediate cognitive benefits include lessening feelings of anxiety for adults and sharpening cognitive skills for kids. And when that exercise a becomes a regular thing, you’ll see improvements in your sleep and have a decreased risk of depression.


You Can Do More

Exercise shouldn’t just be about how you look in the mirror or what size your pants are. It’s about being your healthiest self, which also means doing everything you want your body to do. Whether you want to be able to make it up a few flights of stairs or run your first half marathon, physical goals take consistent work and showing up. Regular exercise that trains your muscles and mind for the task you want to complete is the only way to achieve your goal.


You Are an Investment

Say it again! You are your own investment. So invest in the health of your 80s and 90s today. Consistent physical exercise has numerous long-term health benefits: It slows the loss of bone density, decreases the risk of falling, helps with arthritis, lowers your blood pressure while raising your good cholesterol (which can decrease your risk of Type 2 Diabetes), decreases your risk for developing several cancers, and improves your life expectancy by over 30%.


You Are Meant to Move

Humans aren’t meant to sit for nearly as long as many of us do…especially those of us currently working from home. Sitting too much has numerous poor health consequences, from increased risk of hip joint issues and heart disease to compressed spinal discs from poor posture. Current research suggests 60–70 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day is needed to counteract the negative effects of excess sitting. So if you have a job with lots of sitting on a daily basis, make sure to still do a little extra movement at home to help balance out your body if you don’t feel like going all the way to the gym.


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